8.0.2 (PRO):
- Added location button on map;
- Bugfix and performance improvements;

8.0.1 (PRO):
- Bugfix and performance improvements;

8.0.0 (PRO):
- New improved UI;
- Added IRIS provider (International);
- Added GeoNet provider (New Zealand);
- Improved alerts;
- Added auto rotation for Globe;
- Settings menu improvements;
- Improved performances and stability;

7.1.1 (PRO):
- Improvements and Bug fixes;

7.1 (PRO):
- Android P support;
- Performance improvements and bug fixes;

7.0.1 (PRO):
- Improvements and bug fixing;

7.0 (PRO):
- New search section (up to three thousand results);
- UI Improvements;
- Black theme for all the supported devices;
- Highlight of new events on the list;
- Carto Light and Carto Dark imagery in globe;
- Performance improvements and bug fixes;

6.0.2 (PRO):
- Fixed loading issue;

6.0.1 (PRO):
- Bug fix;

6.0 (PRO):
- New felt feature;
- New comments section;
- Enable the color for magnitude in the list;
- Select the notification sound for the alerts;
- Graphics improvements;
- Performance improvements and bug fix;

5.0.1 (PRO):
- Bug fix;

- Bug fix;

5.0 (PRO):
- New improved alert system, now is possible to select the provider for alerts (available: USGS, EMSC and INGV);
- See the tectonic plates on the map and in globe;
- Three new imagery for the globe view (Bing, Bing Hybrid and Humanitarian);
- See your location on globe;
- See the latest news easily;
- Improvements and Bug fixes;

- New improved alert system, now is possible to select the provider for alerts (available: USGS, EMSC and INGV);
- Added French;
- Added Spanish;
- Graphics improvements;
- Improvements and Bug fixes;

4.1 (PRO):
- Added Spanish;
- Added French;
- Background monitoring improvements;
- Bug fix;

4.0 (PRO):
- Support Android O;
- New notification system (filter notifications by specific place, distance and magnitude);
- New charts for the average depth;
- Performance Improvements;
- Graphics improvements and bug fixes;

- Support Android O;
- Bug fixes and improvements;

3.0 (PRO):
- New globe view;
- See the results of all providers at the same time;
- Bug fixes and improvements;

- Fixed translation issue;
- Small bug fixes;

- Added support at new screens format (Samsung Galaxy S8);
- Enable/Disable the dynamic color for the details;
- Improved stability;

- New UI experience (more colorful);
- New section monitoring, now is more customizable the monitoring system;
- New dynamic UI for the chart screen (hold one element to reorder);
- Optimized performance when getting the results (influence USGS and EMSC provider);
- New charts for the average magnitude of the day and week;
- Show now the distance between you and the epicenter on detail screen (feature require the localization);
- More information about the event on detail screen;
- Now can you see on detail screen the nearest cities on the map (for supported events);

- Fixed issue with new API on USGS provider;

- Improved notifications (now can see the reports);
- Now you can activate the notifications for tsunami;
- Added support to Day/Night theme (Settings -> Interface -> Night mode);
- Reorganization of some options and inserted some new on settings;
- Corrected some bugs and improved the stability;

- Improved data storage and search (now can search directly from the map);

- Improved the graphics (swipe from left to return back from detail screen);
- Share event details (the recipient must have the app installed);
- Fixed some minors bugs;

- Now can remove the ads;
- Added EMSC (European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre) provider;
- Added support to android 7.1 shortcuts;
- Added support to samsung multiwindow;
- Fixed some bugs and performance enhancements;

- Graphics enhancements and bug fixes;

- New graphics for the search;
- Now you can select the default section;
- Now you can adjust the level of the automatic zoom;
- Some improvements and fixes;

- You can now select the minimum limit of magnitude for the alerts;
- Now you can adjust the format for the distance;
- Improved and simplified management of the date formats;
- Now you can set the format for time;
- Adding automatic adjustment of zoom in the main map;
- Other improvements and fixes;

- Improved graphics;
- Fixed some bugs;

- Added push notifications (can be activated from the settings);
- Improved search;
- Fixed some errors;

- Improve performance with the USGS provider;
- Added more stats;
- Some fixes and improvements;

- The graphs are now independent from the limit of the results set;
- Fixed a bug in launching of the monitoring (thanks for the tip);
- Reduced memory usage;

- Improved charts;
- Improved monitoring;
- Some fixes and optimizations;

- Improved performances;

- Bugfix;

- First release;